BeenVerified Review 2024: Pros, Cons, & Features Reviewed

BeenVerified Review 2024: Pros, Cons, & Features Reviewed

Are you curious to find out what BeenVerified is all about? Have you been considering whether or not to utilize your resources in this? If so, there’s no need to keep looking. This BeenVerified review will provide you with an understanding of the features, pricing, and value of the product to help you make your decision.

We have examined the top background check websites for locating people, whether you’re recruiting somebody fresh, attempting to locate a fraudulent person, or merely trying to make contact with an old companion.

What Is BeenVerified?

Sites providing background checks have gone from being a fun novelty to having a strong influence in the search for different data.

BeenVerified is a website that allows people to search public records, which contain a vast amount of records, totaling over a billion. Utilizing this platform, users can access private details like names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, and even social media profiles.

People who search for background information, those looking to get in touch with relatives they’ve lost contact with, and those wishing to verify their qualifications consider BeenVerified simple to use platform and comprehensive outcomes to be essential.

BeenVerified has been getting positive reviews as one of the most proficient online sources for running background checks due to its expansive feature set and massive collection of data.

Aside from its well-known people search, BeenVerified also offers a range of tools that can be used to fulfill a vast array of needs.

Is BeenVerifed Legit?

Before you invest any money in BeenVerified, make sure you verify its efficacy. You may be asking yourself if it can really provide you with rapid access to potentially astounding facts regarding any person. Obviously, a statement like that requires extensive assessment.

Be rest assured that BeenVerified is indeed capable of fulfilling its pledge, as demonstrated by its countless applaudable ratings.

This analysis will go in-depth into the specifics of BeenVerified processes and how it could be useful in uncovering details that may not be immediately available on internet search engines such as Google. To find out more about the BeenVerified costs, please read on.

What Can You Do With It?

BeenVerified is a search engine that furnishes users with an extensive selection of personal information, including a person’s name, email address, telephone number, address history, criminal records, social media profiles, educational background, and more.

This information can be utilized to reunite with distant family members or to investigate potential business allies. BeenVerified allows users to monitor their digital presence and control the information available to the public about them.

If you need to access an extensive range of materials to help you in your research and decision-making process, BeenVerified can provide a solution.

BeenVerified Features?

The BeenVerified app is a platform that pools together information from public sources to make it easier for people to be identified in the US. An individual’s name, address, telephone number, email, social media handle, or vehicle identification number can be used to begin the search process.

Afterward, a list of potential matches will be generated, and you will have the option to download a full report about any of those matches. This report will include information such as contact details, possible criminal records, and social media accounts.

BeenVerified may not reveal as much information about topics such as criminal records and gun permits as some other people search tools, but it still provides a few essential features.

Such features offered by BeenVerified include:

  • Unclaimed Money Search
  • Reveal Email Lookup
  • Saved History
  • People Search
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • VIN Number Search
  • Multi-Device Accessibility

BeenVerified stands out from other search services thanks to its unclaimed property check. You can search to find out if any state has any unclaimed resources or assets registered in your name.

How Does BeenVerified Work?

BeenVerified facilitates its customers to access information that would otherwise require extensive and tedious individual research and trips to multiple institutions where records are stored.

All the data that was previously scattered in numerous state departments and libraries is now searchable with one single request.

BeenVerified provide comprehensive background checks, and all of the data provided is compiled from publicly accessible sources. These sources are varied and include:

  • Social media accounts
  • Financial organizations, including banks and credit unions
  • Data acquired from the US Census
  • Information obtained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local police
  • Public document repositories at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Court documents
  • Data collected for commercial purposes like mailing lists and property transfers
  • Businesses that compile details about people

Pros and Cons


  • BeenVerified cost is an uncomplicated pricing model
  • Outstanding mobile application
  • Three months prepayment reduction
  • Exploring for missing people’s possessions
  • Plenty of data entry options
  • The advantages of enrolling are plentiful
  • Comprehensive and in-depth information about individuals are retrieved from people’s searches
  • Every single individual has the allowance to conduct a hundred background investigations every 30 days
  • Assistance personnel who are really concerned about their customers
  • If a client isn’t content with their report, the company will give back the full amount of money
  • BeenVerified is a search engine which is particularly equipped for finding out social media usernames
  • It’s quite remarkable how generous they’re for a business that carries out such types of investigations


  • Unless members terminate their subscription before the start of the next month, their memberships will be renewed automatically
  • It’s not possible to obtain a single report
  • BeenVerified cost carries no risk since there’s no free trial period
  • Searches that require deeper investigation can take a long time to yield results
  • The data found through a search engine isn’t always reliable
  • Terminating a membership can be a time consuming process

BeenVerifed Cost

BeenVerified provides two different levels of membership, which are distinguished by the duration of access to the source. Each plan comes with a capacity of 100 searches every month.

  • If you only want a single month, you’ll have to pay $26.89.
  • The BeenVerifed Cost for joining for three months is just $17.48 per month.

Subscribers can get a considerable discount of 35% if they select the three-month plan even though it offers the same services as the regular one. BeenVerified cost for the 3-month option is $52.44 and should be taken into account.

BeenVerified offer a complimentary trial period of one week. The BeenVerified cost after the seven-day trial has ended is $26.89 per month until you terminate your subscription.

Customer Support

People who use BeenVerified’s services can expect rapid responses from their support staff as evidenced by BeenVerified reviews. The customer service team is accessible by phone seven days a week and for 17.5 hours a day, with BeenVerified costs.

Furthermore, emails sent to the support team are responded to in a prompt and complete manner.

BeenVerified Reviews From Real Users – How Legit Is It?

To save you the effort of searching yourself, we conducted an extensive survey of BeenVerified reviews to get a better understanding of what people thought of the service based on their own experiences.

Here you will find the information needed to determine if BeenVerified reviews are genuine ones.

User Reviews from Sitejabber
The BeenVerified reviews, contributed by 316 customers, have resulted in a 2.89-star rating. This figure indicates that a majority of purchasers have been unsatisfied with their BeenVerified cost purchases.

The BeenVerfied reviews often mention common issues such as delays in credit card processing, difficulties encountered with the trial period, and difficulty in obtaining criminal records.

Alternatives to BeenVerified


PeopleLooker is a search engine that assists users in obtaining information about other people. It can provide users with information such as a person’s contact info, criminal history, social media accounts, and more.

In addition, PeopleLooker also offers a reverse phone lookup feature, which permits users to find out who is associated with an unidentified number.

PeopleLooker is convenient to use as it has a website and a mobile app. However, it does charge a fee for its services. There are numerous subscription options available, so it might be a bit confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the platform.


TruthFinder is a web search engine that enables its users to search for data on other people with the help of the internet. Users can find background reports, court documents, and real estate records merely by entering a name, telephone number, email address, or postal address.

The system also has a reverse phone search feature that can be utilized to trace the real user of an unknown number.

TruthFinder can be accessed from any point with its mobile application and user-friendly interface. Although, like other similar services, it’s not free of cost.


When searching for a dependable background check system, Intelius should be taken into consideration. This site can be used to obtain a thorough overview of an individual, from their contact details and criminal background to their property.

Furthermore, Intelius also offers a reverse phone lookup option and a mobile application, allowing users to access the information it presents more conveniently.

It’s important to make users aware that Intelius isn’t a free service and that some customers have had issues with the reliability of the information it provides.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is an effective and reliable source for running background checks and accessing public records.

There are a plethora of choices in this domain. However, this platform is one of the most dependable and comprehensive. Even though it’s not lawful to utilize it in a context, many people use it to gain more insight into their neighbors, acquaintances, and possible romantic partners.


PeopleFinders is distinguished from other search engines of its kind due to its expansive sources of criminal records, its range of background checks, and its option to find individuals by their social security numbers.

Furthermore, the “people search plus” serves to provide users with more details about a person’s history, such as academic background and social media profiles.

Furthermore, PeopleFinders enables people to create and modify a directory, which is beneficial for monitoring connections and their related information.

All in all, PeopleFinders is an excellent resource for any individual who needs to investigate an individual or do thorough background investigations.


This website was created in 2006, and it has become an expert in offering a variety of services, ranging from criminal records to advice on how to get back in touch with a person they haven’t seen in a while.

Over the last 14 years, more than 20 million people have become accustomed to using Spokeo. All one needs to do is enter a name or telephone number, and they will be given a few details for free.

Although the main info isn’t clear and requires some effort in order to understand the specifics, it does provide some insight. With careful examination and by interpreting the figures, people might be able to gain valuable knowledge.

US Search

US Search is a well-recognized name in the industry, offering an efficient way to perform background checks and personal searches. It guarantees that your confidentiality will be respected and that the people you search for won’t be aware of your inquiry.

US Search utilizes its extensive sources of public documents to assemble a comprehensive record. It reduces the cost of discovery while delivering a more successful way of gathering information.

Things to Consider Before Using a Background Check Service

It has become much easier and cheaper to check BeenVerified and find out a person’s or company’s criminal history. This can be a great help for those who wish to look into the background of someone they just met or find out more about their own, or a family member’s, history.

With a quick online search, it’s possible to access a person’s address, contact info, and even the names of their family members. It’s not hard to locate background check services and other people-searching methods, which is why a number of services request that you furnish them with your data. Checking to see if you have opted out of these services can be a challenge.

BeenVerified Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Is BeenVerified Free?

BeenVerified offers a wide range of data that can be accessed with ease. BeenVerified costs for the services are generous, which helps to ensure the reliability of the information collected.

While it’s free to search through the BeenVerified source, one must pay for a subscription in order to actually access the data.

Is BeenVerified safe to use?

With BeenVerified reviews, despite numerous examinations revealing mistaken facts in assessments and legal documents that were not in line with the intended individual, there have been no grievances of data burglary or intrusions.

Will the people I search for be notified by BeenVerified?

BeenVerified will not communicate the outcome of any searches to the subjects of those searches.

Is BeenVerified legal?

BeenVerified reviews state that it’s capable of carrying out background examinations through private public record investigations.

Disclaimer: However, it’s not permitted to be used for job or tenant screening according to Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations.

Final Thoughts on BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a comprehensive people-search engine that offers varied options for refining your search. Many other sites do not support searching with a VIN or social media handle, but this platform does.

The downside is that you must sign up for a membership program to view the search results, so it’s difficult to decide whether the subscription is worth it without seeing the content first.

DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA”), which are incorporated herein by reference.)\

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.

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